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2023/24 Supporters

2023/24 Supporters

GambleAware publishes details of donations and pledges received from those that derive an income from gambling in Britain.

Donations and pledges received between 1 April - 31 December 2023

In order to be transparent in the context of the current voluntary funding arrangements, GambleAware publishes details of donations and pledges received from those that derive an income from gambling in Britain on a quarterly basis.

We ask all those who profit from gambling to donate a minimum of 0.1% of their annual Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) to GambleAware each year; and those with an annual GGY of less than £250,000 to donate a minimum of £250. (Information on how to calculate the recommended annual contribution to GambleAware can be found here).

Total donations and pledges received by GambleAware between 1 April and 31 December of our fiscal year qualifying as RET contributions from gambling operators was £22,191,683.07. We also received £241,612.59 in Additional Donations (see description below) and £33,488,894.31 in Regulatory Settlement funding (please visit this section of our website for further information on this funding).

On behalf of all those that benefit from their funding, we would like to thank our supporters for their valued support.

* All those who profit from gambling in Britain can pledge to support GambleAware in our current year by completing, signing and returning our 2023/24 donation form.

Donations received

OperatorGambling Commission Acc no. Donations Received
4 The Company Ltd538581,744.00
ACM Leisure Ltd0578211,000.00
AG Communications Ltd39483750.00
AG Software Ltd39675250.00
AGS LLC539611,000.00
Aire Valley Leisure512920.00
Amuse East London Ltd316471,000.00
Amusement Leisure33565250.00
Anakatech Interactive Ltd48789763.00
Anakatech Ltd48788250.00
Anthony Hutcheon51340.00
Arena Racing (Central Park) Ltd1563250.00
ASF Ltd57803500.00
Aspers (Stratford City) Ltd2694716,185.75
Associated Brewery Leisure Services Ltd594940.00
Assured Gaming45783250.00
Astoria Bingo Club Ltd17151,000.00
Authentic Gaming Ltd51994250.00
Avantage Entertainment USA, LLC54919250.00
Away Resorts Ltd8295500.00
Bandai Namco Amusement Europe Ltd2536010,640.00
Bar-one Racing Ltd7454250.00
Bede Gaming Ltd33560964.96
Bellcoin Holdings Ltd1423250.00
Benford Automatic Co Ltd5437300.00
Benjamin Holmes & Paulene Holmes t/a Betben57950250.00
Bet Ltd4765510.00
Betway Ltd3937250,000.00
Big Red Amusements Ltd39881100.00
Bingo Clubs UK Ltd334581,000.00
Bingo Lingo Ltd53266250.00
Black Cow Technology Ltd371402,000.00
Blasemere Ltd1183250.00
Blue Anchor Leisure Ltd25831,000.00
Blue Star Planet Ltd431737,264.06
BMJ Supplies Ltd t/a Crystals Gaming10800277250.00
Bob Dixon (Cambridge) Ltd1929750.00
Bob Potter Leisure Ltd580050.00
Bonanza Leisure Ltd241751,000.00
Booming Games (Malta) Ltd057254250.00
Boulevard Amusements3392259.00
Brian Clarkson256585.00
Britannia Jinky Jersey Ltd295051,470.63
British Red Cross Society4686600.00
Bubbles Amusements25086450.00
Buddybet UK Ltd60349250.00
C & C Leisure Ltd56463250.00
Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd00451,800.00
Capital Gaming Machines (UK) Ltd5766250.00
Capitol Bingo1888250.00
Carousel Amusements57777250.00
Cascading Leisure Centre Ltd1344500.00
Castle Leisure Ltd199814,000.00
Casumo Services Ltd392658,824.36
Central Automatics2288100.00
Charities Trust60680.96
Children on the Edge5868950.00
Christopher Neil Graham4581100.00
Christopher Patrick Mordey55441250.00
Circl. Gaming Ltd57994250.00
City Gaming Ltd5273213,970.00
Clacton Pavilion plc3181250.00
Clearhill Enterprises Ltd29397250.00
Clifton Bingo Club Ltd15722,000.00
Clive Bell212750.00
Clyde Leisure Ltd1212500.00
Cointron Amusements637666.36
Colet Systems Ltd52242500.00
Community Gaming Ltd58494250.00
ComTrade Programske Resitve DOO258302,000.00
Concept Apps Ltd58581368.00
Condor Malta Ltd50094250.00
Corbett Bookmakers Ltd19509,500.00
Crazy Billions Ltd57225250.00
Crown Leisure Ltd257911,553.00
Crystal Palace Amusement Arcade34744250.00
Datatote (England) Ltd34807250.00
Dave Fowler47915.00
Dawsons Amusements477250.00
Dazzletag Entertainment Ltd3935812,936.00
Deadheat Racing Ltd40247250.00
Derivco Ipswich Ltd27535,000.00
Design Works Gaming (UK) Ltd546221,574.00
Diamond Games Ltd26529100.00
DJ & GC Camm & Son (Amusements) Limited46029100.00
DJC (Amusements) Ltd2970250.00
DK Crown Holdings Inc.424753,412.18
Done Brothers (Cash Betting) Ltd t/a Betfred105850,000.00
Donsan (North East)58041250.00
Double Diamond Gaming Ltd, t/a Rainbow Casino Ltd237616,262.97
Dreambay Leisure Ltd56453250.00
DreamIT GmbH40735500.00
Dynamic Gaming Ltd5818250.00
East Kent Leasing Ltd344012,000.00
Edict eGaming GmbH398351,000.00
Edict Malta Ltd554031,000.00
Electrocoin Automatics Ltd1141500.00
Electrocoin Sales Ltd1143500.00
Electrotec Solutions Ltd379250.00
Eleven Eleven Gaming51343250.00
EyeCon Alderney Ltd392275,693.13
Fabcourt Ltd56345355.00
Family Amusements Ltd14522,266.00
Family Leisure Holdings Ltd187512,400.00
Fantasy Island Leisure Ltd48200300.00 Ltd61786200.00
Federation of Racecourse Bookmakers002,000.00
Fincore Ltd3912414,051.21
Fitzdares Ltd40015,000.00
Five Leisure2568250.00
Fruitopia Slots60763125.00
Full House Bingo Ltd24281,615.00
Furness Services (Cumbria) Ltd3289160.00
Future Leisure Ltd36646300.00
Future Machines Ltd5775250.00
Gamanlal Modi5939100.00
Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust5156250.00
Games Global Operations Ltd5884135,000.00
Games Incorporated Ltd41811250.00
Gamestar Leisure Ltd50135100.00
GBE Technologies41420250.00
Gem Electronics589550.00
Geoffrey Miller47830.00
GH On Course Ltd47205250.00
Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity3141220.00
Grand Pier (Teignmouth) Ltd1331250.00
GTOTE LTD53960250.00
H Backhouse (Baker Street) Ltd304515.00
Hampshire and Isle Of Wight Opportunity Society Ltd4834250.00
Happy Days38509250.00
Harbour Amusements (Cornwall) t/a Patsea1512437.00
Harbour Park Ltd103250.00
Harker Leisure Ltd812250.00
Harpridge Ltd t/a MP Leisure557720.00
Harry Levy Amusement Contractor Ltd56792,533.00
Haverfordwest Coin Machines57631,000.00
HC Terminals Ltd48333250.00
Herts Leisure27468250.00
HGMT Ltd.54059900.00
HH Direct Marketing Ltd544395.00
Highlight Games Ltd45885999.00
Hillside (Technology) Ltd387211,252,000.00
Hillside (UK Gaming) ENC395841,362,000.00
Hillside (UK Sports) ENC395633,122,000.00
HITsqwad Interactive Gaming Ltd58630250.00
HM Leisure5767100.00
HMCWC Ltd58037250.00
Holborn Fundraising Society5192250.00
Holdsworth Amusements Filey1217250.00
Hollywood Clubs Ltd9955300.00
Horizons Leisure Ltd515407,810.00
Horseworld Trust4082440.00
Iforium Ltd42707410.00
In Touch Games Ltd209128,200.00
I-neda Ltd337761,100.00
Inns & Leisure Ltd5589300.00
Invicta Amusements5819250.00
Isis Leisure26093100.00
Ivo Filipe da Silva 500.00
J Holland & Sons Ltd2712500.00
JA Sportsbook Ltd385981,000.00
Janet and John Kiddies Rides58065250.00
Jason William Jeffries & Patrick Jeffries581851,150.00
Jelly Entertainment Ltd61838250.00
Jogo Global Ltd58495500.00
JRS Leisure Ltd1514250.00
Jungle X UK Ltd46217250.00
Kalooki Sportsbook Ltd577301,212.00
Ken Joynes & Son Ltd2231125.00
Key West Restaurant Ltd102250.00
Kim Thurston t/a Games Wharf1956250.00
Kings Bingo and Social Club1249250.00
Kingsmith Leisure48487100.00
Knight's Amusements2783250.00
KTO Ltd35216250.00
KV Leisure Ltd41360250.00
Ladbrokes Betting & Gaming Ltd161115,000,000.00
Landmark Entertainments Ltd3066250.00
Lapta Enterprises Limited t/a Mariners Plaice39715250.00
Lazinco Technologies Ltd39989250.00
Leap Ltd59186250.00
Leeds Leisure Ltd5865300.00
Leigh Automatics Ltd47495250.00
Leisure Electronics Ltd20162,963.00
Les Croupiers Casino Ltd18004,079.50
Les Russell82125.00
Letz Play Ltd34418340.75
Lincoln Gaming Ltd5702250.00
Lindar Media Ltd512503,250.00
Linland Ltd1499500.00
LiveScore Betting and Gaming Ltd5685989,799.05
Logic Leisure8972120.00
Longfleet Ltd t/a Cookes Amusements481550.00
Longitude LLC37629500.00
Lottomatrix Operations Ltd49262300.00
Lucky Star Amusements Ltd40857250.00
Lymphoma Action5272520.00
Lyons Holiday Park Ltd37272357.00
Magellan Robotech Ltd t/a Stanleybet936250.00
Masterson Leisure Ltd5805250.00
Maxi Coin Ltd2743550.00
Maxx Leisure6509250.00
Mediastream AG44553100.00
Mega Leisure (Scotland) Ltd2620250.00
MG Leisure Ltd1470250.00
Midland Acquisitions Ltd583321,300.00
Millers Amusements Ltd1038150.00
Monico Amusements Ltd3760250.00
Moorfields Eye Charity43214250.00
Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions Ltd41799250.00
Mountain Ash RFC3256525.00
Mr & Mrs D Scott t/a Limelight Amusements1927150.00
Mr Raymond Frew327010.00
Mr Rigby's Leisuretime Ltd27216250.00
Mr Stewart Gove 90.00
Mr Will Hymer 40.00
MSL Leisure Ltd904250.00
Muscular Dystrophy UK47915250.00
Mutuel Play Ltd49781510.00
National Autistic Society4729100.00
NB Leisure Ltd23521,000.00
Nelson Leisure Ltd t/a Leisure Games (N Wales)10508150.00
Neogames SA547174,000.00
New Coin Automatics Ltd5672325.00
New Globe Bingo & Social Club Ltd1378735.00
Newbridge Amusements Ltd38402250.00
Nineteen Twelve Management Ltd59933100.00
Nolimit City Ltd520971,000.00
Novomatic AG4535210,000.00
NSUS Ltd4776812,500.00
O Kay Automatics Ltd5422250.00
Oldland Leisure Ltd1381300.00
Olympia Amusement Centre Ltd t/a Leisure 20001117500.00
Onseo Affiliates Ltd.514252,591.00
Oryx Gaming Ltd552542,500.00
P&F Leisure Ltd45659250.00
Panda Bluemoon Ltd.58209250.00
Parkers Leisure (Holdings) Ltd3248250.00
Parkinsons Machines & Vehicles Ltd5458400.00
Parseq Ltd30612250.00
Pastimes Amusements53032250.00
Peter Arnett Leisure25893,500.00
Peter Stephenson5814100.00
Petfre (Gibraltar) Ltd39544114,088.41
Pier Amusements (Felixstowe) Ltd1448964.00
Play'n Go AB21725993.00
Play'n GO Malta Ltd5594917,000.00
Pleasure & Leisure Corporation Plc488100.00
Plymouth Leisure Ltd117300.00
Pontypool Automatics Ltd5633250.00
Postcode Lottery Ltd82918,708.00
Pots of Gold Amusements Ltd57695100.00
Premier Automatics Ltd5842150.00
Pridmore Bookmakers2279100.00
Priory Hill Ltd3959250.00
Pub Giant Ltd29428100.00
Pure Gaming Ltd48763250.00
R&J Leisure Ltd1668250.00
Rabcat Computer Graphics GmbH40192250.00
Raynbeau Ltd46215250.00
Red Rose Leisure435150.00
Reel Leisure Time Ltd29801,000.00
Reel Time Gaming Enterprises PTY Ltd4085915,507.00
ReelNRG Ltd49440250.00
Regors Bingo & Social Club25995150.00
Retrospection Software Ltd43651125.00
Ritz Bingo Ltd33214250.00
Robert Holmes & Ryan Holmes817250.00
Rose Automatics Ltd60074250.00
Rotunda Equipment Leasing Ltd37787750.00
Roxy Bingo (Sowerby Bridge) Ltd527745.84
Royal Horticultural Society5118250.00
Royal Opera House Covent Garden Foundation38704500.00
RTSB Ltd51467250.00
Rubicon Pastimes Ltd565750.00
RWI International Investments41154500.00
S.Edwards Amusements Ltd60560100.00
Saltburn Leisure Ltd42073250.00
Sands Amusements Ltd35136250.00
Sandy Hills Family Amusement966250.00
SAS Amusements780250.00
SCGO Ltd4466224,731.00
Scottalbion Properties Ltd3144250.00
Seagull Amusements1084250.00
Searles Camping Ground Ltd3776250.00
Sefton Automatics Ltd5550450.00
Seldons Leisureworld42296250.00
September Pink Ltd t/a Greengate Amusements32945336.00
Sharp Gaming Ltd49528250.00
Shepherd Arcades Ltd732250.00
Shepway Automatics579350.00
Silverplay Ltd33697500.00
Skill On Net Ltd3932610,000.00
Skillbet Ltd487601,000.00
Skillzzgaming Ltd44256419.15
SkinsForCharity 220.00
Skywind Holdings Ltd522611,000.00
Slot Leisure Ltd734500.00
Small Screen Casino Ltd393971,998.00
Smiles For Miles Ltd30581,000.00
Soft Construct (Malta) Ltd40767943.00
Sonica Services Ltd42024100.00
South West Amusements Ltd1468250.00
Southsea Island Leisure Ltd2832725.00
Spin2win Ltd30035650.00
Sportito SRL53101250.00
Sportsbook Ltd6383250.00
Spreadex Ltd883522,508.50
Spribe OU57302300.00
SSAFA Forces Help4690250.00
St Gemma's Hospice5212250.00
St Johnstone FC Facilities Association18814300.00
St Michaels Hospice (North Hampshire)30858250.00
St Vincent De Paul Society (England & Wales)4662175.00
St Wilfrid's Hospice Eastbourne57911500.00
Star Racing Ltd917757,699.00
Stewart4 Ltd t/a Gold Gaming28746250.00
Subtech Ltd58210250.00
Summertime Leisure Ltd26182250.00
SuprPlay Ltd4869511,000.00
Sustrans Ltd3345930.00
Synot Games Ltd54398994.00
T E Cordwell (Hyde) Ltd3366340.00
T Sheldon Amusement Machines5798100.00
T&D Leisure Ltd29850375.00
Tapa Leisure45715250.00
Taylor Made Fun Ltd1415665.00
Taylors Entertainments Ltd916200.00
Teddy Clark Ltd1490250.00
The British Racecourse Bookmakers' Association Ltd. 1,800.00
The Noble Leisure Company Ltd6841,000.00
The Pets at Home Foundation23476250.00
The Pink Palace62466250.00
The Screwfix Foundation43728750.00
The Workshop Technologies Ltd51265999.00
Three Services Automatics (IOM) Ltd32375250.00
Tir Prince Raceway Ltd791250.00
Tower Gaming Solutions Ltd41815250.00
True Amusements Ltd1678250.00
Tyche Tech Ltd447313,800.00
UK Gaming Solutions Ltd36911250.00
UK Punters Ltd58750290.00
Urmston Automatics Ltd5613250.00
Vallini Ltd320152,000.00
VBET Sports Ltd47868250.00
Virgin Bet Ltd54310102,954.30
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal493250.00
Walwyn Leisure37040200.00
Wentworth Vending35310250.00
Wexel Gaming Ltd312371,304.00
Wharton Amusements Ltd760750.00
White Leisure Ltd3004500.00
Whittaker Arcades Ltd490541,150.00
William T Corbett (Course) Ltd1958250.00
Wilson's Amusements1303250.00
Winchester Automatics Ltd5502250.00
Winning Post2392250.00
Witnall Automatics Ltd13711,000.00
Woods Automatics57149250.00
Xterra Holdings Ltd39305250.00
Yorkbet Ltd t/a Embassy Racing53495125.00

Please note that:

  • Only RET donations and pledges received in the period 1 April 2023 to 31 December 2023 are published above. 
  • Only RET donations and pledges made directly to GambleAware are published above.

If you have donated or formally pledged to GambleAware in this period and your donation is not listed above, please contact:

 2023/24 Regulatory Settlements

Within the regulatory process, licenced operators may offer to make donations to socially responsible causes as part of a regulatory settlement with the UK Gambling Commission (the Commission).

A regulatory settlement is a resolution between the Commission and an operator in cases where concerns have been raised about the operator. In these instances, the Commission and the operator agree on a course of action which meets the Commission’s regulatory objectives without having to use the Commission’s regulatory powers. Where payments are made in lieu of a financial penalty as part of a regulatory settlement with the aim of addressing gambling-related harms, money can be paid to GambleAware to accelerate the delivery of the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harm rather than displacing ordinary funding.

In August 2023 the Gambling Commission agreed to direct a number of Regulatory Settlements to GambleAware for specific, agreed purposes in keeping with the Commission’s Statement of Principles. Between 1 April and 31 December 2023, £33,488,894.31 regulatory funding was received and will be used to accelerate commissioning plans such as undertaking quality improvement for existing services, supporting innovation and developing tools to help reduce gambling harm. Further details can be found here

Additional donations: Dormant accounts, unclaimed winnings and other

Additional donations from organisations that derive an income from gambling are sometimes received by GambleAware such as donations of unclaimed winnings, dormant accounts or similar. These are not classed as RET donations derived from GGY. These donations, which amounted to £241,612.59 between 1 April and 31 December 2023 are listed below.

OperatorGambling Commission Acc. NoDonations Received
888 UK Ltd39028113,714.00
Buzz Group Ltd235532.00
BV Gaming t/a BetVictor39576100,000.00
High 5 Games (Gibraltar) Ltd3960927,314.59
Petfre (Gibraltar) Ltd39544552.00