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Aftercare Funding Programme

Aftercare Funding Programme

Call for proposals

The opportunity 

GambleAware is inviting applications from organisations supporting people in recovery from gambling harm. The focus for the aftercare intervention is not about the process of stopping or reducing gambling, but in the longer-term recovery and rebuild which might be needed for people to live happy and healthy lives.  

We know many people that receive appropriate treatment and support, reduce or stop gambling, but there is less known about how to ensure this recovery is sustained. We want to fund projects which support this phase of recovery for those that need it, contributing towards the evidence base about relapse and recovery. 

Our definition of aftercare is the phase of recovery in which individuals have regained control of their gambling but may still need services and support to help them sustain that recovery and rebuild their lives. We are interested in projects which work with people who have been affected by gambling harm, whether that is as the gambler or an affected other.


The following outcomes were developed following a workshop and engagement with external stakeholders, including those with lived experience. All applicants are required to demonstrate which outcome or outcomes they will be working towards.  

People who have experienced gambling harm, whether they are the individual who has been gambling or an affected other, will have sustained recovery. This is the overarching impact of aftercare, into which the below outcomes feed. 

The core long-term outcome is improved recovery capital. ‘Recovery capital’ is defined as the internal and external assets needed to initiate and sustain recovery - to essentially recover a life that has meaning for the individual. Recovery capital looks different for everyone, but may include a combination of some core intermediate outcomes:

  • Improved mental health and wellbeing    
  • Increased positive personal networks of support (including communities of understanding) 
  • Improved self-image (including, but not limited to, reducing stigma) 
  • Increased practical skills, including but not limited to financial and employability skills  
  • Increased confidence and self-belief in ability to accomplish goals (self-efficacy) 
  • Increased knowledge about relevant support available for those who experienced gambling harms and among their support networks.   


We have identified three specific priority areas (it is not compulsory to meet one of these):  

  • Projects which aim to reach those who experience the greatest inequalities or people from disadvantaged communities
  • Projects delivered in partnership, particularly where the partnership involves a gambling specialist organisation and (an)other organisations with different specialisms 
  • Projects which are led by people with lived experience of gambling harms. 

Funding available 

There is total funding of up to £2million available. 

We are looking for a range of applicants for the funding programme, with two levels of funding available: 

Level 1: funding of up to £150,000 for smaller or newer organisations or for those looking to test an approach. These projects should be between 18-36 months long.  

Level 2: funding of up to £350,000 for larger organisations that are already established and want to grow or develop their work further. These projects are expected to be between 24-36 months, with longer projects preferred. 

All projects must be based in England, Wales or Scotland

We will separately be commissioning an independent evaluation for this programme. We will expect all project teams to actively participate in a cohort evaluation. 


Applications open: Thursday 30 June 2022 

Applications close: Monday 15 August 2022 (12 noon) 

Applications will be assessed during August and September, with successful projects commencing from November 2022.  

GambleAware will be holding a Q&A webinar on Tuesday 12 July (11am to 12 noon) to answer questions and provide support during the application window. If you are interested in taking part, please register here. You will have the opportunity to send questions in advance as well as during the session.  

Submission of completed forms 

The application form can be found here, budget sheet here and application guidance document here.

Completed forms should be submitted to by Monday 15 August 2022 (12 noon).  

About GambleAware  

GambleAware is an independent charity that commissions evidence-informed prevention and treatment services in partnership with the NHS, public health agencies, local authorities, the voluntary sector, and other expert organisations and agencies, across Great Britain.  

GambleAware recognises the importance of evaluating the impact of our commissioned projects, alongside the mechanisms influencing the outcomes resulting from these. We are committed to building evidence of ‘what works for whom’ to support and inform our commissioning, as well as generating knowledge to contribute to the wider body of evidence, and national policy.   

The central aim of GambleAware’s purpose and vision is to achieve effective prevention of gambling harms, and access to treatment and support. GambleAware’s Organisational Strategy, published in April 2021, outlines our priorities and objectives to guide our work towards our vision of a society where everyone is safe from gambling harms.