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Demand and Capacity Modelling

Demand and Capacity Modelling

Health Economics Unit (NHS)


GambleAware has commissioned the Health Economics Unit (NHS) to perform demand and capacity modelling work. This will be done by generating evidence on existing demand, capacity and use of gambling support services to help identify unmet need at local authority and ward level to inform where new gambling support services should be commissioned. This been designed to inform commissioning decisions relating to treatment services for people with gambling disorder.

The demand and capacity modelling work began in January 2022, with a final report due to be disseminated in early 2023.


Evidenced-based demand and capacity modelling will be carried out by:

  • Drawing on existing research and evidence to map out current availability and use of gambling support services.
  • Researching the optimal approach to modelling before using data analytics and modelling to produce the required output.