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Cover of "Tipping point: When public opinion triggers changes to policy"
Tipping point: When public opinion triggers changes to policy
A. Blaszczynski & S. Gainsbury

GambleAware has requested a brief paper outlining evidence for gambling and gambling-related activity (such as various forms of advertising) being subject to a ‘tipping point’ when public opinion causes policy makers to introduce, modify, or ban gambling-related regulation and/or gambling-related activity (such as various forms of advertising). This paper will explore the processes that may be instrumental in fostering policy makers to introduce or modify gambling-related regulations in response to public pressure for reform. The intent is not to review the validity of claims made by the public, academics, lobbyists, or advocacy groups but rather to describe factors that trigger regulatory changes in response to demands for action.

Cover of "Skins betting & Blockchains: A brief overview"
Skins betting & Blockchains: A brief overview
A. Blaszczynski & S. Gainsbury

In response to a request by the Research Committee, GambleAware has asked IROP to produce a brief paper on Skins betting & Blockchain. The purpose of the report is to provide an overview of the concept of Skins betting & Blockchain to inform the Committee as the nature, function and possible implications for gambling associated with these emergent forms of gambling.

Cover of "Consideration of the impact of immediate calls to action within gambling advertising"
Consideration of the impact of immediate calls to action within gambling advertising
S. Gainsbury & A. Blaszczynski

Calls to action are a highly persuasive component of advertising. Calls to action within gambling advertisements are likely to have the greatest impact on consumers who are predisposed to gambling, have accounts with an operator, and have difficulty controlling their gambling. The harm potentially related to calls to action for betting is proportional to the immediacy upon which these can be engaged with.

Cover of "Gambling and social media"
Gambling and social media
C. Miller, A. Krasodomski-Jones & J. Smith

This paper presents the results of research by Demos to understand the relationship between gambling and social media within the UK. A short scoping study, the research aims to understand the scale and nature of conversations related to gambling that now happen across a number of different spaces within the digital world, the extent to which they can be researched, and overall to scope the potential for future research opportunities in this area.

Cover of "Understanding of Return to Player messages: Findings from user testing"
Understanding of Return to Player messages: Findings from user testing
D. Collins, S. Green, J. d'Ardenne, H. Wardle & S. Williams

This research, commissioned by the Responsible Gambling Trust, explored machine players’ understanding of the ‘return to player’ (RTP) messages displayed on gaming machines. These messages advertise what proportion of money is returned to players in prizes and form part of a package of measures to promote responsible gaming.

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