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About us

About us

GambleAware is the leading independent charity and strategic commissioner of gambling harm education, prevention, early intervention, and treatment across Great Britain. 
We’re dedicated to keeping you safe from gambling harms.
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What we do

We work in close collaboration with the NHS, clinicians, local and national government, gambling treatment providers, as well as other mental health services, across four key areas by:

Advice, tools & support

Providing information to help you, or someone you care about, make informed decisions about gambling. We will help you to understand and recognise the risks of gambling, and direct you to more information, help and support, should you need it.


National Gambling Support Network

Commissioning the National Gambling Support Network (NGSN), a group of organisations across Great Britain which provides free, confidential treatment, as well as the National Gambling Helpline which takes around 42,000 calls a year.



Commissioning research and evaluation to increase our knowledge and understanding of what works in the prevention of harm. The gambling industry has absolutely no input at any stage in our research commissioning, delivery or publication processes.



Producing public health campaigns on a national scale and providing practical support to local services and partners.


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Our people

We’re passionate about what we do and are committed to making a real difference. Find out more about our people and how you can join our growing team.

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We are always interested to hear from 
prospective trustees or employees.

How we are run

We are an independent and evidence-based charity, with a strong governance process in place 
to ensure the industry has absolutely no input or influence on our work.

We are accountable to the Charity Commission 
and our expert Board of Trustees. We are currently funded by voluntary donations from the gambling industry. This funding arrangement was set up by 
the UK Government, and we have long called for change to this model.

We welcome the Government's announcement that a statutory levy will be introduced following consultations.

Our governance processes

Lived experience involvement

"It’s essential that the opinions of those with experience of gambling harms guide our work, to ensure we always have their needs in mind, and we are extremely grateful for the work the existing Council has already done."

Zoë Osmond

GambleAware Chief Executive Officer

Our Lived Experience Council (LEC) play a pivotal role in shaping our short and long-term future plans. The Council is made up entirely of people with lived experience of gambling harms, including those who have been affected by other people’s gambling.

Working with government

We work closely with the Government and the Gambling Commission, Department for Digital, Media & Sport, the Department of Health and Social Care, the Ministry of Defence, as well as other government departments to reduce gambling harms.

We will continue our longstanding and positive collaboration with NHS England to ensure effective and efficient services are delivered across the country during the transition period following the welcome announcement of the statutory levy.

We have also established advisory boards in Wales and Scotland to help guide our future commissioning plans in those nations.