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Our independent and expert committees are responsible for advising us on how to make transparent and fair funding decisions.

More information about our committees can be found on this page.

Our committees make funding decisions subject to the approval of the full Board of Trustees. They are also informed by the views of our Lived Experience Council. We have the following committees:

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee review and advise the Board on the systems of internal controls – risk management, financial controls, and governance arrangements.

The Committee members are:

  • Paul Simpson (Chair)
  • Saffron Cordery
  • Marina Gibbs

Read the Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).

Resources Committee

The Resources Committee (previously called the Finance, Administration and Remuneration Committee) has a responsibility to review and recommend to the Trustee Board annual budgets, staff remuneration and benefits and oversees major property, IT, governance and other projects.

Committee members are:

  • Michelle Highman (Chair)
  • Kate Lampard
  • Mubin Haq

Read the Resource Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)


Performance and Delivery Committee

The Performance and Delivery Committee reviews and advises the Board on the delivery of GambleAware’s annual business plan.

The Committee Members are:

  • Sian Griffiths (Chair)
  • Rachel Pearce
  • Hilary Armstrong
  • Marina Gibbs
  • Valsraj Koravangattu

Read the Performance and Delivery Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)