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Using the GambleAware logo

Using the GambleAware logo

The GambleAware website offers a range of integrated support services for people who are experiencing gambling harm, to help prevent it from escalating further.

GambleAware is the first port of call for people seeking advice or support for their gambling, or that of a loved one. It contains vital information and directs people to essential services or tools to help them get the support they need. In 2023 the website had an estimated 4.8 million users. 

The requirement to use the GambleAware logo for advertising

The Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) published by the UK Gambling Commission set out the requirements all licensees must meet in order to hold a Gambling Commission licence. Alongside guidance more broadly on the marketing of gambling (section 5) the code (section 5.1.8) states that ‘Licensees should follow any relevant industry code on advertising, notably the Gambling Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising.’ The 7th Edition of the IGRG code is available on the Betting and Gaming Council website.  

Sections 26 to 30 of the IGRG code provide an overview of the IGRG’s recommendations to signpost to GambleAware. The code suggests that the GambleAware is there “to provide a single resource for those seeking advice and guidance. It also provides links to specialist support and treatment for those who need it.” 

We do not control what is recommended within the code and will be providing more specific guidance on using the GambleAware logo in 2024. However, in the meantime we would ask gambling operators to follow our brand guidance that specifies that ‘Advice | Tools | Support’ should be used alongside the GambleAware logo on all advertising, including print and broadcast.  

How do I obtain the GambleAware artwork?

Please email for all queries relating to GambleAware artwork.  

Does the use of the GambleAware logo mean that GambleAware is endorsing a particular gambling product or brand?

No. The use of our logo does not mean that GambleAware endorses a particular gambling product, company or brand.  

It is our priority to ensure that people who need advice, tools and support are able to find it as easily as possible. In order to raise awareness about GambleAware and the services we commission, such as the National Gambling Support Network, we encourage all gambling-related communications to include our logo alongside the message Advice | Tools | Support. We also encourage gambling operators to embed a link to our website.


This information reflects GambleAware's understanding of current gambling regulation. For the most up-to-date information in this respect please seek advice from the UK Gambling Commission. The information and guidance provided on this page will be updated following new evidence-led research and/or regulatory measures which must be adopted to improve the efficacy of safer gambling signposting and messaging.     

This page was last updated in May 2024.