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Help with budgeting and finances

Help with budgeting and finances

If you’re trying to keep track of how much money you’ve been spending on gambling, or you need guidance on managing your finances, we’ve got a range of tools to support you.

On this page you’ll find information about setting spending limits, tracking expenses, tools such as gambling blocks, and debt support.

Many people experience financial difficulties because of gambling.
We’ve put together advice that can be helpful when thinking about how to manage your finances.

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Calculate essential expenses

Calculate and set aside money for all essential expenses, for example bills, grocery shopping and rent or mortgage.
Once you have calculated these expenses, you’ll have a better view of your household finances and disposable income, before you decide whether to gamble.
Money Plus Advice have a disposable income calculator to help you work this out.

Disposable income calculator 

Set financial goals

Working towards financial goals can be a great way to plan for what you want your life to look like.
You may want to keep money aside for goals like holidays, a new home, retirement, or education.
Citizens Advice have a tool that can help you calculate how much you could set aside each month to achieve your financial goals.

Citizens Advice tool 

Set a spending limit

Many people find it helpful to set a realistic weekly or monthly gambling spend limit to remind them to stick to what they can afford. Some people find it useful to set themselves a mental limit, but there are various tools that you can use to help guide you too:

  • Regularly use our spend calculator to check in on your gambling spend:

    Spend calculator

  • Many banks offer spending pots to help make sure your key expenses are covered and your money goes where you need it to.
MoneyHelper have a guide on managing your money by separating it out into separate pots. Using spending pots or the ‘jam jar method’ involves dividing your money into pots for your different expenses to ensure your money is going where you want it to.
  • Budgeting apps and planners can sync with your accounts to provide an overview on your spending:

    Budget planner

  • Start a document that tracks your income and spending:

    Expense tracking template

What to do if you’re regularly exceeding your limit

There may be bumps in the road where you struggle to stick to your spending limit. Don’t be disheartened if this happens, you can use the tools below to help get your spending back on track.

Set up a bank block

Many UK banks offer the ability to block your bank account or card from being used for gambling transactions. If you activate this and try to gamble, your transaction should be declined. To find out more and see which banks offer this, click below.

Bank spending blocks 


There are also things you can do to make self-exclusion more effective. TalkBanStop is a three-step process to take back control of your gambling, with practical tools and support offered to help you stop gambling and maintain it.

More about TalkBanstop here 

Gambling debt support

Money struggles can feel overwhelming, but you’re not alone; there is help available.
If you’re having trouble paying for your essentials, or if you have debts you cannot afford to repay, here are some resources that can help.

Get financial advice
Gambling debt advice
Speak to a free debt advisor

Available support

There is lots of support available for you and for those you care about through the National Gambling Support Network. You can take a look at the services they provide below.

The National Gambling Support Network