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GambleAware publishes details of donations received in 2023/24

GambleAware publishes details of donations received in 2023/24

Charity shares information on voluntary industry donations it received in the last financial year 2023/24

  • GambleAware received voluntary donations totalling £49.5 million in 2023/24 to fund its continuing commissioning work including public health campaigns, education and training programmes, harm prevention tools, treatment services and research. 
  • The largest four gambling operators donated £46.6 million, with the 2023/24 financial year marking the last year of the commitment made by these operators to gradually increase their donations to 1% of Gross Gambling Yield over four years. 
  • GambleAware warns there remains uncertainty of funding for the 2024/25 financial year and calls for disruption to be minimised during the transition to the statutory levy. 

GambleAware, the leading commissioner of programmes focused on gambling harms in Great Britain, has today published the details of donations it received in the 2023/24 financial year. 

The charity received £49.5 million in voluntary industry donations over the year. Of this, 94% of the voluntary donations came from the largest four gambling operators in Great Britain, who donated a total of £46.6 million. This represents an increase of £3.1m from the previous year’s contributions of £43.5m from these operators.

Voluntary donations are essential for GambleAware’s continuing commissioning work. The charity believes the gambling industry should be held accountable to contribute financially to the vital services that prevent gambling harms, which is why it has consistently advocated for a statutory levy. Until the implementation of the statutory levy, gambling operator funding remains the primary source of funding for research, prevention and treatment. Despite the donations received, as an independent charity, GambleAware has an extremely robust system of governance processes in place, works to hold the gambling industry to account, and the gambling industry has absolutely no input, influence or authority over any of its activity.  

GambleAware’s work includes commissioning the National Gambling Support Network (NGSN), which provides free, confidential treatment across Great Britan, as well as the National Gambling Helpline which takes around 52,000 calls and online chats a year. Funding is also used to enable GambleAware to commission research and evaluation to increase knowledge and understanding of the prevention of gambling harm, as well as reducing stigma associated with gambling harm, for public health campaigns, and for providing support, advice, and tools to help people make informed decisions about gambling.
The voluntary donations received in 2023/24 mark the last year of a four year commitment made in 2020 by the largest four operators to gradually increase the percentage of Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) donated as RET from 0.25% in 2019/20 to 1% in 2023/24.

There remains uncertainty of funding for the current financial year 2024/25 while the sector awaits clarity on the process and timing around implementation of the statutory levy. GambleAware continues to work with the Gambling Commission and the Department for Culture Media and Sport during this transition period.

Zoë Osmond, GambleAware Chief Executive, said: “While we await the implementation of the new statutory levy, donations from the voluntary funding system are key to ensure GambleAware can continue to deliver the essential gambling harm prevention and treatment programmes we commission.

“For many years we have been calling for the introduction of a statutory levy on the gambling industry and we are pleased the Government has committed to delivering this as part of the Gambling White Paper. However, during the transition period it is vital that steps continue to be taken to ensure there is no disruption to existing services and provisions in the wider system as they adapt to the new levy funding model.”

As well as voluntary donations received, the Gambling Commission also allocated £33.5 million of regulatory settlement funds to GambleAware during the last financial year. These are managed as a restricted fund to be allocated to  playing a part in stabilising the wider system of gambling harm prevention, support, and treatment during the transition period from a voluntary to a statutory levy system. The regulatory settlement funds were allocated to GambleAware by the Gambling Commission in accordance with its Statement of Principles for determining financial penalties.

The full list of organisations and the amounts they have donated is available to view in full here

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