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National Gambling Support Network

Looking for help?

Whether you’d like support for yourself or someone you care about, the National Gambling Support Network is here to help.

  • Free and confidential for all adults (18+) in Great Britain 
  • Available 24/7 via phone or live chat 
  • Trained staff are available to help anyone affected by gambling

The National Gambling Support Network (or NGSN for short) exists to help anyone affected by gambling. They provide free, non-judgmental, confidential treatment, advice and support.

This means that as well as supporting people who are experiencing gambling harms themselves, they support people who are affected by someone else’s gambling. From mental wellbeing to financial struggles, they can provide guidance to help you get back on track.

GambleAware funds and assures the quality of the work of the National Gambling Support Network. You can access their services through our website, to help you find the right support for you. 

Every year,
the network helps
7,000 people

How the NGSN can help

They help you find the right person or place for support

Based on your situation, location and personal choices.

Together, you’ll create a plan to suit your needs

They have a wide range of services, and we’re confident there’s something that will work for you.

Just like any journey,
the route might change

If your needs and support preferences change, they'll be there to guide you at every step.

Where to start

Find the right person or place for support

If you already know what type of support you’re looking for, you can use our service finder 
to find local services.


The free helpline
and live chat are
open 24/7

Not sure where to start?
You can contact GamCare for free at any time of day or night and they’ll explain your options.

Support the NGSN offers

Support the
NGSN offers

There are lots of support options, and the NGSN will work with you to find the one that’s right for you. You won’t be judged or made to feel bad about your experiences. You can find out more about what’s available below:

Therapeutic support

One-to-one treatment with a qualified practitioner. This could happen face-to-face or online. You may also be offered group sessions.

Peer-led support

You can speak to trained peer support workers who have overcome gambling harms of their own. Sessions are available in one-to-one settings or as part of a group.

Residential centres

If you'd like to go to a residential centre, you'll need to check in for a period of time. 

  • One of the centres is Adferiad, which offers a range of residential services for people experiencing nore complex life challenges. They provide free treatment for gambling.
  • Another centre is Gordon Moody, which offers separate facilities for men and women. The gambling treatment is free but you may need to pay towards the costs of your stay. Please don't let that stop you from applying; they can help you work through different options to get you the right support. If you are eligible for Housing Benefit payments, these costs may be almost entirely covered with the exception of a small weekly personal service charge of around £10.
Online resources

The NGSN might recommend some online tools and resources to help you better understand your gambling, and support you with treatment. You can access some of these tools below: 

Other forms of support

If gambling is affecting your life in other ways that aren’t covered here, we have resources that might help. The NGSN will be able to advise you on which services will be best for you. Click here to see the full list of support available for other parts of your life.

Common questions

Common questions

Is the NGSN really free and confidential?

Any contact you make with the NGSN will be completely free and confidential. This includes the National Gambling helpline and live chat. The services recommended will be free to use, except for some additional costs for residential centres (but funding options are available).

Your treatment provider might ask you if they can share your information with another support service. They will only do this if you give your permission.

I’m worried about someone else’s gambling, how can the NGSN help me?

The NGSN provides support for people close to someone who gambles. You can call them for free, confidential advice and to talk through the types of support that are available.

How soon can I receive support?

The NGSN will contact you within 48 hours of your first call or message. They aim to provide treatment and support within 5-9 days.

Is financial support available?

The NGSN does not provide financial support, but they can help you find services that may help, such as debt advice agencies or local food banks.  

We also have a list of useful tips and services to help with finances.

What if I want to change the support I am receiving?

If the support you’ve been recommended doesn’t feel right, or you want to change your provider, you can do this at any time.  

If you have already received one-to-one treatment and would like more support, you can always get back in touch.

Can I get support in other languages?

If you make a request in another language, all NGSN services will try to accommodate it. The National Gambling Helpline can give information, advice and support in over 200 languages. Find out more about support in other languages.

Side profile of a man with a piano in the background
Side profile of a man with a piano in the background
Side profile of a man with a piano in the background

“You can’t do it alone, it’s about speaking to people that get it.”

Adam is one of three million people in the UK who are having a hard time because of gambling.

For healthcare professionals

If you’re a healthcare professional with a patient or client in need of support, you can encourage them to contact the NGSN.

Referring someone to the NGSN