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Research Projects

Research Projects

GambleAware funds research to: build the ‘what works for whom’ evidence for education and prevention approaches and tools, and for treatment service design and commissioning; informs advocacy and influences policy-making at national and local level; and informs public awareness.

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Building Knowledge of Minority Communities’ Lived Experience of Gambling and Gambling Harms across Great Britain

GambleAware has awarded a £300,000 grant to build knowledge about the lived experience of minority communities in relation to gambling to inform delivery of our Organisation and Commissioning Strategy over the next five years. ‘Minority communities’ includes minority ethnic, minority religion, and minority language communities.

Building knowledge of stigma related to gambling and gambling harms in Great Britain

GambleAware has commissioned a scoping paper that will establish what is known about stigma related to gambling and gambling harms. Knowledge about stigma, and the discrimination it drives, will inform all GambleAware’s commissioning activity to prevent gambling harms, including public awareness campaigns, education, treatment, and research.

Building Knowledge of Women’s Lived Experience of Gambling and Gambling Harms across Great Britain

GambleAware has awarded a £250,000 grant to build knowledge about the drivers of gambling participation and of gambling harms experienced by women, and to understand the differences among sub-groups of women. The knowledge accrued from this research will be used to inform GambleAware’s commissioning practices.

Academic Research Hub

GambleAware has begun an eight-month grant award process to establish the first Academic Research Hub in Great Britain specialising in gambling harms research.

Online gambling data: initial analysis

This ambitious research project examining online gambling behaviour aims to better understand how gamblers’ patterns of play vary across different environments and activities. Player level data will be gathered from many of the largest online gambling firms and collated into one unified dataset, so that ‘big data’ analysis can be undertaken to identify indicators of potentially harmful behaviour.

The impact of message framing on problem recognition amongst problem and at-risk gamblers

This piece of research will explore the impact of the phrasing and positioning of messages designed to encourage safer gambling, in order to support the development of future public health campaigns in this area.

This project aims to address important questions related to the way in which “safe” or “responsible” gambling is promoted, with a particular focus on the way that “problem gambling” is framed, as well as the way in which gambling or betting identities are made central to a campaign.

The Future of Gambling

This project focusses on online computer gaming. It builds knowledge and understanding of the harms which may exist within chance-based elements within gaming. It focuses on ‘loot boxes’ in computer games that people pay to access, with the contents of the box (virtual game upgrades) dictated by chance.

Safer Gambling App – EROGamb 2.0

This project will gather information related to gambling norms, and individuals’ gambling patterns. It will use that information to see whether it can empower people who gamble with a contextual and accurate understanding of their gambling, whilst increasing their control over their gambling patterns.